The Knit Thief

I knit things:

Birthday Gift for friend K. W.!

Love her eyes!

4.5 ft aqua circle scarf, spiral ribbing

Gift for my friend N. S.

Lace ribbing scarf, original pattern

I will be selling this soon on my etsy!

Finished Commission for E.H.!

Modeled by E.H. herself!

Aqua Blue Cabled Chevron scarf. Synthetic blend yarn, 10 ft.

Commission for JK finally finished!

Braided Cable Scarf

Model: H. Jacobs

More pictures from the photo shoot, these had a different color pallete than the ones before so I didn’t want to mix them.

Commission for JK

Model: H. Jacobs

ain’t she a peach.

Work in progress for commission by E.H.

Work in progress for commission by E.H.

For E. H.

Another commission.

5 Ft White and Black Rugby Infinity Scarf.

Wow. all these are racking up.